Friday, March 6, 2015

Snow Day...In March

The snow that was predicted to hit us late Wednesday/early Thursday came in full force. It hasn't snowed that hard or fast all winter. I thought March was suppose to bring in warmer weather but we had a snow day on Thursday. Jason was post-call and my work was cancelled so we had a fun, unexpected, day together. Under all the snow, was a thin layer of ice so it made it hard to get our driveway clean. An unclean driveway means a perfect sledding hill so it was a win-win for the kids.
The sweet smiles, that the snow brings out in our little ones, are priceless. They were so happy and excited to be outside.
Snowflakes on eyelashes, rosy cheeks, snow angels and giggles are some of my favorite things. Today brought all of these things and I'm thankful.

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