Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Soccer Shots

Amelia had her first soccer practice this weekend. Due to the freezing temperatures, practice was moved indoors. We signed her up for Soccer Shots versus a league team because we wanted her to learn to love team sports and to practice listening to her coaches.
Here are a few pictures from the practice! So, so proud of my girl for trying something new and having a great time!
A few funny things that I don't want to forget about the practice:
1-They had to practice dribbling the ball through cones (volcanoes) and Amelia would kick a little and then catch it with her hands, even though hands aren't allowed. She didn't want her ball to pop so she was ensuring that she had control of her ball at all times.
2-She loves to watch the other kids. A lot of times when the ball was being passed back and forth, she would get distracted and forget that she needed to do something. **Just like her daddy!

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