Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring: Snow And Sunshine

Life has been pretty uneventful here lately. We've made some progress with our housing for Ohio and our house in Hershey has gone through all the hoops so now we wait until closing.
The last week we had snow, sunshine and we welcomed spring so the coming weeks will be filled with more outside play and fun outings!
Here is what we were up to this week:
 It snowed on the first day of spring...yep, you read that correctly. Some places got up to 5 inches but we were only hit with 1-2 inches.

Amelia started her second round of dance class, per her request. We enjoy seeing her follow direction from the instructor and interact with kids her age...the dancing part and the cute clothes are just an added bonus!
I've really been trying to include the kids when I cook. Barrett prefers to stir and lick the spoon but Amelia is helpful when I ask her to add things or to assemble. We had pizza one evening so she helped with the toppings.
Jason was on call this past weekend (when will it end?!) so we took the kids to a fun museum that focuses on imagination play so he could get some rest. Amelia really liked the house section--they even had small couches, chairs, tables and beds. Barrett liked the diner and the construction room.
The weather has been sunny and in the 40s so we've been trying to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. It has been a brutal winter so even temperatures in the 40s feels amazing. I love having a playground so close to our makes our evenings so much more eventful and fun!
Jason is off this weekend and the weather will be a little on the chilly side so we'll have to get creative with where we explore!
We have a few more things that we want to see before we move so maybe we can mark one off our list this weekend.

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