Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Here are a few things that we have on the schedule. It is so much fun to look through our list...we have a very busy next couple of weeks.

Three Days- May 1st:
-- Jason has an interview in Missouri so we are taking an adult trip for a few days. Very excited and anxious to see what the process looks like.

Ten Days- May 9th:
-- Yard-sale. Hoping to make a little bit of money for the things that we don't want to pack and move to Ohio. BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY!!

Eleven Days- May 10th: 
-- Child dedication. Our schedules have finally aligned that we can get the little ones dedicated before our church family.

Seventeen Days- May 16th:
-- Family pictures in Hershey...one last time. 

Twenty-Five Days- May 22nd:
-- Loading up our cars and a large trailer. Our Sunday School group has offered to come and help us after work so we can have everything loaded up and we can leave early on Saturday morning. Also...one of the couples in our group has offered to drive his truck and enclosed trailer to Ohio for us to save us some money (we'll pay for gas and food). So thankful for this group and their giving hearts!

Twenty-Six Days- May23rd:
--Moving to Ohio, a temporary new home.

Twenty-Seven Days- May 24th:
--Jason will drive back to Hershey to finish out the last 18 days of his residency.

Forty Days- June 6th:
--My 31st Birthday.

Forty-two Days- June 8th:
--Myself, Nannie, Amelia and Barrett will start the drive to Missouri. Mom has a camping trip with all of her siblings and I would love to spend some time with family and friends.

Forty-Six Days- June 12th:
--Jason finishes his residency! He will drive to Ohio and study for his board exam while we are in Missouri.

Fifty-One Days- June 17th:
--We will make the drive from Missouri to Ohio...vacation is over.

Fifty-Three Days- June 19th:
--Jason and myself will drive to Hershey for his residency graduation. We're still deciding if the kids and Nannie should come along but right now, we are leaning towards no.

Fifty-Four through Sixty Something:
--Time together as a family. Jason doesn't have to start work until July 1st so we'll have some time to get settled into our new home and to explore the area a little bit before the crazy work schedule begins.

Whirlwind Weekend

This weekend was sortof a whirlwind but I can't really put my finger on why...does that make sense?!  Looking back, it went so quickly but it wasn't an errand filled weekend so I'm not sure what made it feel so crazy. Do you ever have weekends like that?
Friday night Jason made reservations at a yummy restaurant for our anniversary. Seven years since we said "I do" and while things are so different then how they were, I've loved making memories with my man. Our actual anniversary was Sunday but he was on call all weekend so we celebrated on Friday. We didn't take one picture and I'm kicking myself because we dressed up and our food was so yummy but you'll just have to trust me! We had a great night out!
Saturday morning, the little man and I ran to Sam's right when they opened. Everyone else was still asleep and we needed to get a few things so we did some shopping. I love shopping early...no lines, few people and my kids can run around without me having to keep them in an arms reach.
By the time we finished shopping and we got home, everyone else was awake. Amelia was upset with me because "she loves to go shopping at Sam's" but she quickly forgave me when she saw that I got her some goodies. HA!
Soccer practice was mid-morning so we had a little bit of time to eat breakfast, clean and play. Amelia went through all of her toys that we could sell or give to Goodwill--she loves to purge (just like her mom).
We are having a yard sale on May 9th so it's time to get serious about packing, purging and pricing.
We finished going through stuff just in time to get out the door for soccer. Amelia was pretty adamant that she wear her Star Wars shirt. Jason introduced her to the movies a few months ago and she LOVES them. She's only allowed to watch a few of the videos but the ones that she has seen, she loves.
She wanted me to send a picture to her Grandpa Chip in her shirt....she was so proud.
We finished out our Saturday with a check in with Ms. Lacey's kitties (they were on vacation), a stop by the consignment store (they need shoes) and lunch at our favorite place (Chipotle).
Sunday we went to church. I had a meeting about dedicating the kids and then I went to peek in the nursery before going to church and caught the eye of my little man. I decided to go and hang out for the remainder of the service...he was so excited to show me all of his cool tricks.
How big does he look eating his Cheerios?!
We left church and ran a few errands before heading home for a nap. When Jason is on call I try to stay out of the house as much as possible so he can really get some rest before he goes back in to the hospital.
The next couple of weeks we have some exciting things on the agenda...stay tuned!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Friday Through Sunday Fun

Friday started out a little rough. Barrett had been up all night with a fever and a cough and my sweet mom stayed up with him so I could get a little rest before work. I was at work about 4 hours and decided to take 1/2 a sick day so I could relieve my mom a little bit. I came home and snuggled with my sick baby and sent mom to get a pedicure. She needs a lot more pampering than we can give her at this time but her time is coming!! 
When Jason called that evening and said he was on his way home, Amelia wanted to wait on the stairs for him. She loves her daddy!
We finished out our Friday night with a bunking party in the basement and a good night's rest for everyone (even Barrett slept!)
Saturday was going to be beautiful and in the 80s--according to the weatherman--so we knew that we wanted to enjoy the warmth as much as possible.
We got out the swimming pool and the sunscreen and enjoyed the day. The water was so cold but the kids LOVED every second of it. 
We all took one of the best naps that we've had in a LONG time...the windows were open and the cool breeze was blowing through the house. Three hours later and I was having to wake up the kids. I guess the pool and the sunshine are the perfect combination for a successful nap.
Sunday we bailed on church (long story) and we headed to the Turkey Hill Experience which is an interactive museum that shows how Turkey Hill makes their teas, lemonades and their ice cream.
We got there right when it opened and we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Here are a few of the pictures that I took of our time there...
We sampled the ice cream and the tea until we couldn't fit anymore sweetness in our stomachs. Unlimited samples made the experience sooo much more fun and fulfilling! HA.
We finished out our day with a nap, leftovers for dinner and a movie before bed.
We had such a great weekend...we were all together, the weather was gorgeous and we got to explore more of the area before we move.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Barrett: 18, 19 Months

18 Months: 
-You love to help cook. You always want to drag a chair over the cabinet top so you can help stir and be involved in whatever is taking place.
-You have started calling Amelia "Me" but you mostly call her "Me Me" and it's so unbelievably cute
-Started saying "hi-o" when we ask where we are moving to. So cute!
-You got three new teeth. Your left canine popped through on February 20, 2015; your bottom right next to the middle two teeth popped through on February 22, 2015;  your right canine popped through on February 26, 2015.
-You started to call me "Mommy". You've always been able to say it but you often called me "Nannie". I love hearing you say Mommy...so sweet!
-You started to request where you sit at the table. Most meals you want to sit in a booster seat and not in your high chair.
-You now tell us what shoes and shirt you want to wear. You love all your shirts with dogs on them and you'll often request those to wear.
-You pretty much refuse any help at the dinner table. You're getting pretty good at eating (and wearing) your food!

19 Months: 
-You've had a weird stomach bug for about a month. When you went for your check-up this month, you actually had lost weight from your 15 month check-up. We're blaming the stomach bug.
-You started sleeping with a nightlight in your room. Waking up at 2-3am screaming is not pleasant for anyone.
- Your saying so many words right now. If we ask you to say a word, you'll try to pronounce it. Some of my favorites are candy, orange (awnge), Barney (Bawney), banana (bnana),gone, done, bus (bu), thanks (anks), Amelia (Me or Me Me), all done
-You like to drink out of cups without lids or straws and then when you finish, you want us to cheer for you.
-You like to get everyone's attention before you do something "cool"...you like showing off your new found skills.
-You can snap your fingers on both hands.
-You love to run errands with Mommy. If I try and sneak out of the house for something quick, you always run and get your jacket. You love to go, go, go.
- You have figured out how to work the iPad (even the passcode) to watch your Netflix shows. You often turn it on Air Buddies (you love the puppies).
-As soon as you wake up in the morning, you love to cuddle in Mommy and Daddy's bed. This has become part of your morning routine.
-Church still isn't your favorite. You start whimpering when we pull in the parking lot but once we get you distracted in class, we can usually sneak out.
-You can climb up and around the playground and you'll go down any slide at the park by yourself.
-You can unlock and open the back sliding door. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

April Randoms

Here are just a few things that we've been doing this month.
Dance class...this time they were rain drops and it was adorable to watch them drip around the room.
Soccer practice...we finally got some nice weather and we were able to practice outside.
Picnics on the back deck...we had to use the water table for one of their meals, instead of the picnic table.
Sidewalk paint turned into makeup...these two love to get creative with the paintbrushes!
Sidewalk chalk is one of our favorite activities....can you guess the letter that we are working on?
The sunshine has been out in full force and we are loving it...we walk to the park A LOT!
Our dance outfits no longer have tights under them...it's too pretty to hide behind tights.
As you can see, we are trying to enjoy the spring weather as much as possible. We're counting down the days until we move (5 weeks) and making lists of all the things that need done so we don't forget anything.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Best Friends Forever

I love watching the friendship between Amelia and Barrett grow. These two are best friends right now and I pray and hope that their relationship strengthens as the years pass.
Barrett is constantly watching Amelia and her actions and then doing his best to interpret them --sometimes this ends bad for the little guy.
Amelia is pretty good at taking Barrett under her wing--sometimes this looks more like a head-lock.
Amelia will blink her eyes and Barrett will laugh. Amelia will twirl and Barrett will laugh--sometimes the laughter is so contagious.
Barrett has his own language with Amelia and have no trouble communicating--sometimes I wonder how it can be so simple.
They both are always looking out for the other..fruit chews, juice boxes, TV time. One can't get something without making sure that the other one is taken care of too--sometimes this means that Barrett crams all his chews in his mouth and then holds on to Amelia's chews.
Best friends are something that no one should have to do without and I'm so thankful that my little ones get to experience this type of relationship so early in life.
Amelia and Barrett--I hope you always know how special of a relationship that you two have. Despite the fights, you two will ALWAYS have each other and I hope that you ALWAYS remember that!

Monday, April 13, 2015

End Of The Year Party

At the end of the year, the hospital sponsors an event for the families of the residents. This year is almost over (graduation is in June) so we were invited to the end of the year party on Saturday. The party was at Paramount Sports, which is the same place that Amelia had her birthday party. Talk about two excited kids....they couldn't believe they had free reign for two hours!!
Amelia was such a brave little girl when it came to the giant foam pit. She jumped off a big foam lift into the pit and with each jump, she got a little braver.
We had dinner provided--sandwiches, veggies, fruit and dessert. The kids thought it was so fun to eat and play with sooooo many other little ones. Such a great time! So thankful for Hershey and all the great experiences that it has brought us.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mickey's Great Adventure: Disney On Ice

Friday night we put our Groupon that we purchased earlier this year to use...best Groupon yet!
We took the kids to see Disney on Ice at the Giant Center in Hershey on Friday evening and everyone loved it!
Snow cones, cotton candy and tons of music was just what we needed for a Friday night.
I love how Barrett is waving in this picture...he loved seeing all the characters. Mickey Mouse was his favorite!
Here are a few pictures of the actual event...
Lion King
The Little Mermaid

Lilo and Stitch
Intermission was a great time to play with the pirate spy glass and take a family picture. The kids did so good being that the show started at 7pm...they didn't want to take a break! They wanted to watch more of the show.
Peter Pan

We finished right before 9pm and the kids were all smiles...successful Friday night. I realized after the show that my kids haven't seen very many Disney movies. The Little Mermaid was the only part of the show that Amelia has seen...we need to work on this!
I'm so glad that we were able to have a fun night with the kiddos!