Saturday, April 18, 2015

Barrett: 18, 19 Months

18 Months: 
-You love to help cook. You always want to drag a chair over the cabinet top so you can help stir and be involved in whatever is taking place.
-You have started calling Amelia "Me" but you mostly call her "Me Me" and it's so unbelievably cute
-Started saying "hi-o" when we ask where we are moving to. So cute!
-You got three new teeth. Your left canine popped through on February 20, 2015; your bottom right next to the middle two teeth popped through on February 22, 2015;  your right canine popped through on February 26, 2015.
-You started to call me "Mommy". You've always been able to say it but you often called me "Nannie". I love hearing you say sweet!
-You started to request where you sit at the table. Most meals you want to sit in a booster seat and not in your high chair.
-You now tell us what shoes and shirt you want to wear. You love all your shirts with dogs on them and you'll often request those to wear.
-You pretty much refuse any help at the dinner table. You're getting pretty good at eating (and wearing) your food!

19 Months: 
-You've had a weird stomach bug for about a month. When you went for your check-up this month, you actually had lost weight from your 15 month check-up. We're blaming the stomach bug.
-You started sleeping with a nightlight in your room. Waking up at 2-3am screaming is not pleasant for anyone.
- Your saying so many words right now. If we ask you to say a word, you'll try to pronounce it. Some of my favorites are candy, orange (awnge), Barney (Bawney), banana (bnana),gone, done, bus (bu), thanks (anks), Amelia (Me or Me Me), all done
-You like to drink out of cups without lids or straws and then when you finish, you want us to cheer for you.
-You like to get everyone's attention before you do something "cool" like showing off your new found skills.
-You can snap your fingers on both hands.
-You love to run errands with Mommy. If I try and sneak out of the house for something quick, you always run and get your jacket. You love to go, go, go.
- You have figured out how to work the iPad (even the passcode) to watch your Netflix shows. You often turn it on Air Buddies (you love the puppies).
-As soon as you wake up in the morning, you love to cuddle in Mommy and Daddy's bed. This has become part of your morning routine.
-Church still isn't your favorite. You start whimpering when we pull in the parking lot but once we get you distracted in class, we can usually sneak out.
-You can climb up and around the playground and you'll go down any slide at the park by yourself.
-You can unlock and open the back sliding door. 

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