Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Best Friends Forever

I love watching the friendship between Amelia and Barrett grow. These two are best friends right now and I pray and hope that their relationship strengthens as the years pass.
Barrett is constantly watching Amelia and her actions and then doing his best to interpret them --sometimes this ends bad for the little guy.
Amelia is pretty good at taking Barrett under her wing--sometimes this looks more like a head-lock.
Amelia will blink her eyes and Barrett will laugh. Amelia will twirl and Barrett will laugh--sometimes the laughter is so contagious.
Barrett has his own language with Amelia and have no trouble communicating--sometimes I wonder how it can be so simple.
They both are always looking out for the other..fruit chews, juice boxes, TV time. One can't get something without making sure that the other one is taken care of too--sometimes this means that Barrett crams all his chews in his mouth and then holds on to Amelia's chews.
Best friends are something that no one should have to do without and I'm so thankful that my little ones get to experience this type of relationship so early in life.
Amelia and Barrett--I hope you always know how special of a relationship that you two have. Despite the fights, you two will ALWAYS have each other and I hope that you ALWAYS remember that!

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