Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Here are a few things that we have on the schedule. It is so much fun to look through our list...we have a very busy next couple of weeks.

Three Days- May 1st:
-- Jason has an interview in Missouri so we are taking an adult trip for a few days. Very excited and anxious to see what the process looks like.

Ten Days- May 9th:
-- Yard-sale. Hoping to make a little bit of money for the things that we don't want to pack and move to Ohio. BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY, BIG MONEY!!

Eleven Days- May 10th: 
-- Child dedication. Our schedules have finally aligned that we can get the little ones dedicated before our church family.

Seventeen Days- May 16th:
-- Family pictures in Hershey...one last time. 

Twenty-Five Days- May 22nd:
-- Loading up our cars and a large trailer. Our Sunday School group has offered to come and help us after work so we can have everything loaded up and we can leave early on Saturday morning. Also...one of the couples in our group has offered to drive his truck and enclosed trailer to Ohio for us to save us some money (we'll pay for gas and food). So thankful for this group and their giving hearts!

Twenty-Six Days- May23rd:
--Moving to Ohio, a temporary new home.

Twenty-Seven Days- May 24th:
--Jason will drive back to Hershey to finish out the last 18 days of his residency.

Forty Days- June 6th:
--My 31st Birthday.

Forty-two Days- June 8th:
--Myself, Nannie, Amelia and Barrett will start the drive to Missouri. Mom has a camping trip with all of her siblings and I would love to spend some time with family and friends.

Forty-Six Days- June 12th:
--Jason finishes his residency! He will drive to Ohio and study for his board exam while we are in Missouri.

Fifty-One Days- June 17th:
--We will make the drive from Missouri to Ohio...vacation is over.

Fifty-Three Days- June 19th:
--Jason and myself will drive to Hershey for his residency graduation. We're still deciding if the kids and Nannie should come along but right now, we are leaning towards no.

Fifty-Four through Sixty Something:
--Time together as a family. Jason doesn't have to start work until July 1st so we'll have some time to get settled into our new home and to explore the area a little bit before the crazy work schedule begins.

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