Monday, April 20, 2015

Friday Through Sunday Fun

Friday started out a little rough. Barrett had been up all night with a fever and a cough and my sweet mom stayed up with him so I could get a little rest before work. I was at work about 4 hours and decided to take 1/2 a sick day so I could relieve my mom a little bit. I came home and snuggled with my sick baby and sent mom to get a pedicure. She needs a lot more pampering than we can give her at this time but her time is coming!! 
When Jason called that evening and said he was on his way home, Amelia wanted to wait on the stairs for him. She loves her daddy!
We finished out our Friday night with a bunking party in the basement and a good night's rest for everyone (even Barrett slept!)
Saturday was going to be beautiful and in the 80s--according to the weatherman--so we knew that we wanted to enjoy the warmth as much as possible.
We got out the swimming pool and the sunscreen and enjoyed the day. The water was so cold but the kids LOVED every second of it. 
We all took one of the best naps that we've had in a LONG time...the windows were open and the cool breeze was blowing through the house. Three hours later and I was having to wake up the kids. I guess the pool and the sunshine are the perfect combination for a successful nap.
Sunday we bailed on church (long story) and we headed to the Turkey Hill Experience which is an interactive museum that shows how Turkey Hill makes their teas, lemonades and their ice cream.
We got there right when it opened and we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. Here are a few of the pictures that I took of our time there...
We sampled the ice cream and the tea until we couldn't fit anymore sweetness in our stomachs. Unlimited samples made the experience sooo much more fun and fulfilling! HA.
We finished out our day with a nap, leftovers for dinner and a movie before bed.
We had such a great weekend...we were all together, the weather was gorgeous and we got to explore more of the area before we move.

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