Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Easter

Working for a faith-based organization is so nice because of the Godly support that is in my daily interactions but, not going to lie, the extend holiday breaks are also a nice perk.
I had off for Good Friday so I got to have a nice, long Easter break with the family.
Jason was on call Friday and Saturday but he was able to dye eggs with us before going into work. We love doing fun traditions as a family!
Amelia loved seeing her eggs transform in the colored dye and Barrett loved throwing eggs in any container that looked empty.
We finished our eggs with google eyes, crazy hair and some glitter. We tried to make an egg for each of our family members...it was fun getting creative and crazy.
We headed to an Easter party with our Life Group from church mid-morning on Friday. The kids had an egg hunt, made resurrection eggs, enjoyed a Easter themed lunch, played and then decorated eggs. It was a packed morning/afternoon but the kids loved it!
The kids had so much fun playing and the moms enjoyed getting together...it's so nice to see the kids (and parents) having so much fun with their friends. I am glad that I was off work because I got to experience a playgroup with the kiddos.
Saturday was sunny and a little chilly but we bundled up the kids and headed to the park. They loved playing at Cocoa Castle (Hershey's favorite wooden playground).
Amelia wasn't done playing outside when we left the park so she took all of her Play-dough outside on the back porch. She looked so sweet playing...she loves to be outside!
Sunday morning was EASTER!  The kids woke up to a scavenger hunt that the Easter Bunny had set up.
Cotton balls took the kids from room to room to find little surprises....they loved it!
The last step of the hunt led them to their baskets,which were filled with stickers, bubbles, puzzles and a few different things of candy. The Dollar Tree was the bunny's best friend this year...such a great selection.
After we went through our baskets for the 100th time, we got ready for church. Jason was originally scheduled to work on Easter and at the last second, was given off, so we didn't really have "Easter" clothes that coordinated but I think we all looked adorable.
Here are some of our family pictures that we took...
Jason and Amelia always dance together...love watching their love grow!
Church was amazing...seriously the best service we've been to in SO long! It definitely gave me such a great start to the week. We went to lunch (I didn't buy Easter-type food because Jason was suppose to be on call) and then headed to the park to play. On the way to the park , I took this picture of Amelia. Shoe off, foot kicked up and resting her eyes....just like her Aunt Ange.
Our Easter weekend was filled with so many fun memories. I want my kids to enjoy the holidays but I want them to know the real reason of why we celebrate.
Hearing Amelia tell the story of Easter makes my heart so happy. She's learning all of the amazing stories that show Jesus' love for us.

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