Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Whirlwind Weekend

This weekend was sortof a whirlwind but I can't really put my finger on why...does that make sense?!  Looking back, it went so quickly but it wasn't an errand filled weekend so I'm not sure what made it feel so crazy. Do you ever have weekends like that?
Friday night Jason made reservations at a yummy restaurant for our anniversary. Seven years since we said "I do" and while things are so different then how they were, I've loved making memories with my man. Our actual anniversary was Sunday but he was on call all weekend so we celebrated on Friday. We didn't take one picture and I'm kicking myself because we dressed up and our food was so yummy but you'll just have to trust me! We had a great night out!
Saturday morning, the little man and I ran to Sam's right when they opened. Everyone else was still asleep and we needed to get a few things so we did some shopping. I love shopping early...no lines, few people and my kids can run around without me having to keep them in an arms reach.
By the time we finished shopping and we got home, everyone else was awake. Amelia was upset with me because "she loves to go shopping at Sam's" but she quickly forgave me when she saw that I got her some goodies. HA!
Soccer practice was mid-morning so we had a little bit of time to eat breakfast, clean and play. Amelia went through all of her toys that we could sell or give to Goodwill--she loves to purge (just like her mom).
We are having a yard sale on May 9th so it's time to get serious about packing, purging and pricing.
We finished going through stuff just in time to get out the door for soccer. Amelia was pretty adamant that she wear her Star Wars shirt. Jason introduced her to the movies a few months ago and she LOVES them. She's only allowed to watch a few of the videos but the ones that she has seen, she loves.
She wanted me to send a picture to her Grandpa Chip in her shirt....she was so proud.
We finished out our Saturday with a check in with Ms. Lacey's kitties (they were on vacation), a stop by the consignment store (they need shoes) and lunch at our favorite place (Chipotle).
Sunday we went to church. I had a meeting about dedicating the kids and then I went to peek in the nursery before going to church and caught the eye of my little man. I decided to go and hang out for the remainder of the service...he was so excited to show me all of his cool tricks.
How big does he look eating his Cheerios?!
We left church and ran a few errands before heading home for a nap. When Jason is on call I try to stay out of the house as much as possible so he can really get some rest before he goes back in to the hospital.
The next couple of weeks we have some exciting things on the agenda...stay tuned!

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