Saturday, May 30, 2015

Adjusting: One Week

After the crazy whirlwind last weekend with all the moving, packing and unpacking, I knew that we needed to get into a routine ASAP. We needed to get back into a routine to help us stay sane!!
Monday night we went to a cookout at Jason's cousins house. I forgot to take pictures but it was great to be around family! We went an explored a nearby park, earlier in the day, and this one is in walking distance from our house.
I started working on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday) and I would say that has been the biggest adjustment. I've been working up before the kids wake, working during nap time and then working when they go to bed so that gets quite a few of my hours knocked out. I made myself a little office in the basement where I can work and it's a favorite hang out spot for the kids.
We LOVE to be outside early in the morning. Our neighborhood is pretty quiet but trash day is Thursday morning so we have to get out to see all the trash trucks.
We visited our library, got a library card and picked up a few books. This was something that my mom did with the kids weekly so I knew that we needed to get them back into the library scene. Our library is pretty cool. It is in the building of an old mansion so the different books are in small nooks throughout...we love it!
Thanks to social media I was able to meet up with another doctor's wife that was having a play date with her church group. How awesome is that?? Women for me to talk to and kids for Amelia and Barrett to play with AND they go to church?!
Amelia loved playing at the new park...her favorite thing was this wobbly frog. Barrett's favorite was the swing. He didn't want to really play, he wanted to swing.
I would say that our first week has been pretty good. It has been an adjustment--trying to work and being around the kiddos 100% of the time is hard on my nerves (don't judge)--but getting them out and in a routine will make the house dynamics flow a lot better.
It's hard to believe that we've already lived in Ohio for one week.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Pony Hour

We heard about Pony Hour through a group on Social Media that has been my saving grace since moving to Cleveland. Moms helping other moms, wives helping other wives and it is so nice and refreshing!
The pony camp is on a small farm that rescues horses and strives to give them a better life. A few of the horses were retired race horses and one was blind--they each had their story. 

We texted Jack and Wes (our cousins) and told them that they should meet us there--the pony camp was only fifteen minutes from their house. Heather and Matt, their parents, were actually off work so they were able to meet us there. So nice to have family to do stuff, so very nice!
We were on a cycle during our hour at the pony camp.
First stop was riding.
Amelia's favorite horse was Fred. Fred was blind but he had braids in his hair so she was determined that she wanted to ride him. Meet Fred.
 Each of the kids got a helmet and then they got to get on their horse. Amelia didn't get to ride Fred--she got Jeda, a retired race horse. She was okay with that horse because he had braids and his name sounded like "Jedi"...we have a Star Wars lover on our hands.
Barrett was so excited to get on his horse too! His horse was Toby and he was a retired race horse too. I thought he would be a little nervous or unsure but he did great...he didn't want to get off.
After we rode the horses, we had play time before we got to go and groom the horses. Barrett found a chicken to chase!
The horse they got to groom was Blaze. He is 30 years old and so gentle. The kids loved brushing on him but it wasn't long before they were wanting to ride one again...HA!
We had such a fun morning at Pony Hour and we'll definitely be going to more this fall. The kids loved it and it was a great outing to meet up with some family.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Moving: The Packing And Traveling

The past two weeks have been such a whirlwind...packing and moving with two little ones stinks
--scratch that--packing and moving, in general, stinks!
We had a few friends in our Sunday school class that offered to lend us their truck and trailer (and their driving abilities) to help us move to Cleveland. Such an answered prayer...we needed all the help we could get.
We left our house around 7pm on Friday night (May 22nd) after we loaded the trailer and we arrived to our new house around 1:30am on Saturday morning (May 23rd).
One last picture of our first many memories were made on Sweet Arrow Drive.
The trip went pretty good considering that both my kids HATE riding in their car seats. They both stayed awake for about an hour and then they were asleep. Barrett didn't stay asleep long and then he started saying "Ow" and "Ow, Mommy" over and over. I thought he wanted to get out of his car seat so I just kept telling him that he was okay until I realized that something was wrong. Barrett started puking everywhere...all over his clothes, the car seat and anything that was in front of him. We pulled over, changed his clothes and cleaned him up and we were on the road again. We weren't down the road ten miles and he started puking again. This time we were close to a gas station so we cleaned him off, got him some crackers and some Sprite. He ate a little bit and then he was back in the car seat. Thankfully, he went back to sleep and it was smooth sailing the rest of the drive.
This was my view when we pulled into our new driveway. Yes, Barrett is naked. He went through all the clean clothes in the diaper bag.
We threw down a mattress cover and an air mattress and we tried to sleep as much as possible. We knew that Saturday would be intense but the sleeping conditions weren't ideal.
Jason's uncle Dave showed up around 5:45am to help us unload the trailer--we didn't really want to unload so early but we needed all the help we could get.
We had the help of our friends and a ton of family that day and it made the unpacking go so smoothly. We had a system where we would take the boxes to the respected rooms and then someone would organize the room...hallelujah!

We finished for the day around 5pm and our house was pretty much put together. We definitely wouldn't have been able to do that much without all the helping hands.
Jason left, with our friends, the next morning around 4am (he still has to work a few weeks in Hershey) so they could get back before it got too late (they had kids to pick up). The Cleveland gang spent the rest of the day on Sunday getting organized, installing curtains and getting all the necessities figured out.

The house is done, with the exception of a few curtains that need to be hung, and we are trying to establish a routine in our new home/town. I'll be working from home (another answered prayer) for the next year so things will be a little different than how they have been the past four years. We are still trying to adjust but I have a feeling that we're going to make the most out of this next year!
Hope you are ready for the Conway family, Cleveland! 

Family Time At The Circus

We weren't planning on going to the circus but when we were in the thick of packing our bags for the move, we decided that we needed a night out of fun with the family.
We bought tickets for opening night (Wednesday) and the kids were so excited to see all the fun that the circus had to offer. Here are some pictures from our night...
Our favorite two skits were the tigers and the elephants. The performers are awesome but nothing can compare with the animals, nothing!
The kids loved to dance and clap to the music that came on between the different skits. Such a fun night out with some of my very favorite people!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Moving Update: May

We have been grabbing boxes from just about everywhere and our garage is full of empty and packed boxes. Our house is slowly getting packed.

We are carrying our packed boxes to the basement so when we load the trailer, it makes it easier. We've started parking one of the cars outside so we can fill up one of the sides as much as possible. 

We had a yard sale on May 9th and we were only left with one bag of stuff to take to Goodwill. We sold quite a bit but we also found a few things (snow blower, tool bench for Barrett and a tea set for Amelia) that were just too good to pass up!

Our house is a DISASTER and my nerves are SHOT!

Finally got all the utilities in our name in Ohio and got all the utilities in Pennsylvania put in a new name for the date of our closing. Rental and automobile insurance was also handled too.

Signed the contract a little early on May 18th so I wouldn't have to come back for the settlement meeting.

My last day of work was Tuesday, May 19th. I took off the last three days so I could get the house packed and ready for the move on Friday.

We started loading the trailer on Thursday, May 21st with the help of a few co-workers and then we finished it on Friday, May 22nd with the help of our Sunday school class.

We pulled out of the driveway with two loaded cars and I had to stop and get one last picture of our first home. Such a bittersweet moment.
We drove all night to Cleveland with only a few minor bumps (Barrett got sick twice) and we pulled into our new driveway at 1:30am. We started unloading the trailer at 6am with the help of friends and family.
Moving is complete, closing is tomorrow and the chapter will officially be closed.

Settlement was Wednesday, May 27th at 10am. Paperwork was signed. We are no longer home owners. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hershey Park: Last Ride

Thanks to a friend, we were able to take the kids to Hershey Park multiple times this weekend. Friday evening we were given season passes that we could use until Sunday evening.
We were originally just going to go on Saturday but then decided that we needed to make the most of our free time so we loaded up and went to the park after work on Friday.
The carousel is the first ride that you get to when walking into the park and it was the kid's favorite ride. Amelia found the horse that was her favorite and she pretty much refused to ride any other horse.
The kids rode so many rides and they are both like their parents....adrenaline junkies! They were so adorable on all the kiddie rides.
We went again on Saturday morning. We were up at the park right when they opened. First stop was the carousel followed by a full day of face paintings, fun and funnel cakes.
Even though we were all wiped out, we went back to the park on Sunday. We used our season passes to get into the park an hour before they opened--wish we would have used this perk on Friday and Saturday. It was SO nice to have the park to ourselves.
Our first stop guessed it, the carousel. Notice that Amelia and Barrett are on the same horses. HA! They claimed these two horses for their own over the weekend.
We had such a great time exploring the park and riding all the rides. I love that we got to have fun at the park before we move.