Saturday, May 30, 2015

Adjusting: One Week

After the crazy whirlwind last weekend with all the moving, packing and unpacking, I knew that we needed to get into a routine ASAP. We needed to get back into a routine to help us stay sane!!
Monday night we went to a cookout at Jason's cousins house. I forgot to take pictures but it was great to be around family! We went an explored a nearby park, earlier in the day, and this one is in walking distance from our house.
I started working on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday) and I would say that has been the biggest adjustment. I've been working up before the kids wake, working during nap time and then working when they go to bed so that gets quite a few of my hours knocked out. I made myself a little office in the basement where I can work and it's a favorite hang out spot for the kids.
We LOVE to be outside early in the morning. Our neighborhood is pretty quiet but trash day is Thursday morning so we have to get out to see all the trash trucks.
We visited our library, got a library card and picked up a few books. This was something that my mom did with the kids weekly so I knew that we needed to get them back into the library scene. Our library is pretty cool. It is in the building of an old mansion so the different books are in small nooks throughout...we love it!
Thanks to social media I was able to meet up with another doctor's wife that was having a play date with her church group. How awesome is that?? Women for me to talk to and kids for Amelia and Barrett to play with AND they go to church?!
Amelia loved playing at the new park...her favorite thing was this wobbly frog. Barrett's favorite was the swing. He didn't want to really play, he wanted to swing.
I would say that our first week has been pretty good. It has been an adjustment--trying to work and being around the kiddos 100% of the time is hard on my nerves (don't judge)--but getting them out and in a routine will make the house dynamics flow a lot better.
It's hard to believe that we've already lived in Ohio for one week.

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