Monday, May 18, 2015

Barrett: 20 Months

20 Months: 
-You got in two bottom teeth on April 15th and April 19th. These should be your last two teeth until you get your 2-year molars.
-You will now say hold me when you want to be's the cutest thing ever!
-You started opening doors with turn knobs. No room or closet is safe!
-You still LOVE to wake up super early (4/4:30am) and then fall back asleep snuggling until everyone else gets up.
-You are so good at sharing with Amelia. She usually just has to stick out her bottom lip and you hand over whatever you have.
-Your manners are pretty impressive. Please and Thanks are used constantly!
-You've started showing interest in the potty. You ask to go and sit on the potty before bed and you'll tell us when you need a new diaper.
-Bazzle is your puppy and you want to walk him, want to let him outside and want to hold him.
-You will say hot and cold when you touch things. Most of the time you are correct but the other day you touched an ice pack and said hot. You know there is a temperature difference but sometimes you still get a little confused.
-We had our first bunking party this month (thanks to a tornado watch) and you did so great. It's time to start adding you to the weekly bunking party!
-You can climb the rock wall at the park by yourself and then you'll go down the tunnel slide but your favorite thing at the park are the swings.

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