Friday, May 1, 2015

Moving Update: April

We saw the paperwork that shows our buyers were approved for the loan on April 6, 2015 so everything is where it needs to be for closing.

The "sold" sign has fallen twice so we had to call the realtor again to fix it. I'm sure he'll be glad when we sign on May 27th so he can stop coming to our house to fix the sign.

We've been able to successfully load up on boxes-between my work and scrolling the neighborhood right before trash day to get any boxes and recycled paper. Call me crazy but I've gotten so many nice boxes!

We have been in constant communication with our new landlord and we really enjoy his personality. He is really laid back and aware of our situation so he's agreed to let us send him the deposit and meet him the weekend we move, instead of making a separate drive. Such a blessing!

We got the email to set up a time to pre-sign the contract since neither of us will be available to go to the actual signing.

Boxes are being packed a few times a week and we now have a pretty good stack of them in our basement.

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