Friday, May 29, 2015

Pony Hour

We heard about Pony Hour through a group on Social Media that has been my saving grace since moving to Cleveland. Moms helping other moms, wives helping other wives and it is so nice and refreshing!
The pony camp is on a small farm that rescues horses and strives to give them a better life. A few of the horses were retired race horses and one was blind--they each had their story. 

We texted Jack and Wes (our cousins) and told them that they should meet us there--the pony camp was only fifteen minutes from their house. Heather and Matt, their parents, were actually off work so they were able to meet us there. So nice to have family to do stuff, so very nice!
We were on a cycle during our hour at the pony camp.
First stop was riding.
Amelia's favorite horse was Fred. Fred was blind but he had braids in his hair so she was determined that she wanted to ride him. Meet Fred.
 Each of the kids got a helmet and then they got to get on their horse. Amelia didn't get to ride Fred--she got Jeda, a retired race horse. She was okay with that horse because he had braids and his name sounded like "Jedi"...we have a Star Wars lover on our hands.
Barrett was so excited to get on his horse too! His horse was Toby and he was a retired race horse too. I thought he would be a little nervous or unsure but he did great...he didn't want to get off.
After we rode the horses, we had play time before we got to go and groom the horses. Barrett found a chicken to chase!
The horse they got to groom was Blaze. He is 30 years old and so gentle. The kids loved brushing on him but it wasn't long before they were wanting to ride one again...HA!
We had such a fun morning at Pony Hour and we'll definitely be going to more this fall. The kids loved it and it was a great outing to meet up with some family.

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