Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Recap: Happy Mother's Day!

This weekend was so busy that I was relieved when it came time to go back to work today. Saturday we ran from one thing to the next but Sunday we were able to relax a bit once we got home from church.
Saturday morning we had a yard sale, which meant that I was up and getting things set up around 5:30am. Our whole subdivision participated so I knew that I wanted to get out as much stuff as we could to sell because there would be a decent amount of traffic. We ended up selling quite a bit...I only had one bag to drop off at Goodwill. We actually went about the neighborhood and found a few things that we've been searching for. Jason finally got a snow blower and the kids got a few things that were too cheap to pass. I'm fairly certain that we spent more than we made...haha!
The pups had their yearly vet appointment during the yard sale so Jason loaded them up and took them while we manned the sale. The pups are doing great and now they are ready for Ohio.
We packed up the yard sale a little early--it was getting slow and we had a birthday party to go to.
One of our neighbors was having a pirate/mermaid birthday party for their 3 year old daughter and their 1 year old son.
Every activity was straight off of Pinterest and the kids loved having all the hands-on activities. I didn't get many pictures because they were running around like crazy. They got to dig in a sand box for treasure, paint a seashell, dress up like a pirate/mermaid, play a few games and enjoy some yummy snacks.
I left the kids with Jason at the party because I had a massage at 1pm and there was NO WAY I wanted to miss an hour of rest and relaxation. Happy Mother's Day to me!!
Once I got home from the massage, we finished out the day with a nap, dinner, ice cream and an ice cream social with some friends from church. Below are some pictures from the rest of our Saturday.
At the ice cream place, Barrett thought that the speaker disguised as a rock was so funny. He kept going over to it and laughing!
While we were gone to Missouri, Amelia made a pinata for us to celebrate. She spent so much time on it and she was so excited to go and bust it apart after dinner.
Amelia loved to play with all of her friends at the ice cream party. The trampoline was her favorite...we had to drag her off of it to go and get some ice cream. Who is this kid?!
We stayed out way past our bedtime but we loved every second of it. The kids are at an age where they aren't affected by their routine being adjusted a little so we get to enjoy moments like this a little more.
Sunday we dedicated the kids (pictures to come when we get the CD), went to lunch and then came home to enjoy our little family. I'm so thankful that we got to spend Mothers Day together, regardless of what we were doing. I love my family and having a day dedicated to the sweet little ones that made me a Mother!

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