Sunday, June 28, 2015

iPhone Dump

We've had a lot of fun adventures the last couple of days but none of them need their own post so I'm going to dump them all in this post. Don't you just love these kind of random posts?! 
Our neighbor has cherry trees and she invited us to come and pick cherries. Amelia was really into it and Barrett could have cared less. HA! We picked two buckets full and we'll probably go back soon so we can get enough to make her Papa Chip a cherry pie when they come and visit.
Amelia got her first big girl bike. The smaller bike has been retired and she's doing great on her bigger bike. Her confidence grows every time she gets on it...we've even taken around the "loop" when we walk the dogs. She's growing WAY too fast!!
Rockwalls and monkey bars are this girls favorite thing at the park. I think maybe she's watching too much American Ninja Warrior! Her upper body strength is pretty impressive for a three year old.
Creek time with Nannie= HEAVEN!
Snuggles with Grandpa Great before leaving to go home. Grandpa Great lives about an hour and fifteen minutes from us so we try to meet up regularly to visit. The kids are starting to get comfortable with their OH/PA family and it's so enjoyable to watch.
Ice cream showdown. Barrett won this round, while Reagan drooled.
Hide-n-seek with the cousins. Pure joy!

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