Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Residency Graduation

Last Thursday night, we got the kids settled after dinner and we headed on the six hour car drive from Cleveland Ohio to Hershey Pennsylvania. The rain and the dang road construction was so crazy that our 5.5 hour trip turned into a 7 hour trip and we didn't check into our hotel until 2am. YIKES!
I would have said that it made for just a longer trip to be together but the rain was so loud and hard that we could barely hear each other think.
I went into the office on Friday to work and Jason had to study and run some errands for the graduation ceremony. We met back up later in the afternoon, got ready and then headed to the ceremony.
OHHH...I forgot to mention. We drove by our old house, got a little teary-eyed and then we headed to get ready. It was so bittersweet seeing our old house with new decorations and plants in the front. I didn't like it!!
Here are a few pictures before the ceremony. My handsome graduate...we never thought this day would come.
Jason and Adam were co-chief residents and they had to do a lot of the talking. They were in charge of handing out special awards to the junior residents and to the faculty.
I'm not sure if you noticed but Jason changed from a tie to a bow-tie. Their program director always wears a different bow-tie for formal events so all the seniors came prepared with a bow-tie. I love that their group is full of fun and life (and that the director didn't seem to mind that they were poking fun of him).
Once he sat down and the pressure was off of him during all of his presentations, he could relax a little more. See proof below!
Dinner was delicious. My sister, Ange, will make fun of me for taking pictures of my dinner but it was too fancy to not showcase.
During the ceremony when the faculty was giving out awards, Jason was called. The medical students wanted to recognize him for his patience and his teaching ability with them. He was not expecting it so it was cute to see him get the award.
So proud of my hubby--getting an award during the ceremony from the underclassmen.
Once the awards were given, it was time to showcase the graduates.
Jason got a little teary-eyed with his group of friends. They have been his friends and his family the last four years and now, everyone is going their separate ways. Starting a new chapter can be fun and exciting but also be a little bittersweet.
So proud of Jason and all his hard work! He completed residency and now he is starting his last training year (fellowship) at the Cleveland Clinic.

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