Friday, June 5, 2015

The Cleveland Zoo

For Christmas, we were gifted a membership to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Here are some pictures of our time there. Since we are members and we can come anytime, we did our best to take the zoo at our leisure and to really enjoy it. I think we saw one too many exhibits because when we got in the car, we were all pretty wiped out. HA!
Maybe next time, right?!
The elephants were Barrett's favorite! He loved watching them splash in the water and throw dirt on their bodies. He kept saying "ewaphant" stinkin' adorable!
They also had a tram that would take us to the further exhibits so we didn't have to walk so far. The kids thought it was a train ride AND it was free so it was a win-win in my books.
The monkeys could either be inside or outside. This little one was inside and he kept staring at Amelia. She thought he wanted to give her a high-five but I'm not so sure. Once we left the inside section, there was an outside walking deck that wove in and out of outside monkey exhibits. The walking deck was probably my favorite part. It was shaded, the kids could run a little bit ahead and the animals were super close.
There was also a carousel and you know how crazy my kiddos are about carousels so we rode this a few times before talking them into seeing other animals.
We finished up at Yagga Tree that was a huge tree house for the kids to play in, on and go down the snake slide. It was so fun. Amelia said this part was her favorite part of the zoo (once she faced her fears).
We did this slide a few times and each time, her smile grew a little bit bigger! So proud of my girl for facing her fears and learning to try new things.
We left the zoo with a bag of cotton candy and this is what my kids looked like when we got back to the car. Barrett--grabbing huge handfuls of cotton candy which resulted in a big sticky mess and Amelia--grabbing small pinches of cotton candy which resulted in her staying clean but not getting very much cotton candy.
The difference between boys and girls is so crazy to see in my two little loves and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Our first visit to the zoo was a success. Definitely excited to take Jason and to explore other parts and see other animals.

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