Sunday, July 5, 2015

Added Some Bling

Amelia has been growing up too fast...Friday she took it to a whole new level.
We've been asking Amelia for months if she would like to get her ears pierced. We explained to her it would feel like a shot and she would always say "when she was older, she would do it."
Jason even offered, a few months ago, to get his pierced with her and she declined.
Out of the blue on Friday, Amelia asked to get her ears pierced. We weren't sure if she was serious or not but when she wouldn't stop asking, we headed to the nearest Claire's store.
Amelia wanted to take Pinkie Pie with her so she would have something to squeeze.
Here is our sweet girl with no earrings...she was so excited!
Claire's was able to pierce both ears at the same time (thank goodness)--Amelia was a little nervous but she did great. No tears, no jerking away and before we knew it, she had pink glitter hearts in her ears.
I still can't believe that she has earrings, especially with the number of times that we asked/begged her but she did it. Amelia got her ears pierced and she's so proud of herself. She flashes her ears to just about anyone that will look. Our girl has some adorable bling...I'm excited to see her add earrings to her jewelry box!

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