Monday, July 20, 2015

Balloon Quest

Saturday was a day that we had to plan from morning to night because Jason needed to study for his boards (one week away). We spent the day playing with our cousins--pool, sprinkler, lunch and a lot of play time. We heard that there was a Balloon Quest in New Castle, Pennsylvania so we got together with Aunt Diane and our cousins and explored the balloon quest.
The balloon quest is a small fun little festival with rides, games and fair food but the main focus is the hot air balloon launch.
We got to the festival around 5pm and the launch wasn't scheduled to happen until 6:30pm so we had some time to ride some rides.
When the cousins get together, pictures are so difficult. Crazy pictures are about the only kind I can get. I'll take what I can get!
The kids were able to ride down the slide by themselves, they just had to carry their sliding rug, so they were all about the slide.
Once they started bringing out the balloons, all eyes were on the open field. We were in awe of the was so awesome to watch!
We loved being so close to the balloons and watching them launch into the sky. The kids waived to all the people in their baskets when they passed over was so cute to see them get so excited to wave to another balloon.
It was such an awesome experience and I'm so glad that I got to experience it with the littles! I hate that Jason missed such a fun night but we were able to FaceTime him so he could experience a little of it.
If you are ever near New Castle, Pennsylvania during Balloon Quest weekend, then you should definitely go to this festival.

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