Saturday, July 18, 2015

Barrett: 21, 22 Months

21 Months: 
-You took your first long road trip to Missouri. Ten hours in a car for ten days of fun! The drive back home was pretty brutal!
-You are talking up a storm. You've started recognizing animals and their sounds and it's so sweet to hear you try and tell us about them.
-You moved from Hershey PA to Cleveland OH. We drove through the night so the drive would be a little smoother on you and your sister.
-You rode rides at Hershey Park by yourself and you loved them!
-You still love to rub/pull hair when you get sleepy.
-You give the best kisses when asked and you give everyone a kiss before bed time.
-You had your first swim in the pool in your puddle help from Mommy.
-You've started to tell us when you're going to the bathroom.
-You are such a quick little runner--you have a little skip in your run.

22 Months: 
-Your vocabulary is crazy. You are starting to say some sentences...I love hearing you talk!
-You want to hold hands anytime that you are walking.
-You have such a temper! We're working with you, patiently, but it's a daily struggle with you and your temper.
-You went to your first beach...Lake Erie in Ohio. The weather was pretty gloomy but you enjoyed digging in the sand and throwing rocks into the lake.
-You mimic and repeat EVERYTHING! Amelia will say something, get a reaction and then you'll repeat it and hope for the same reaction.
-You love animals. You're pretty brave around them but any sudden movement or noise from them will scare you!
-You watched fireworks for the first time and you were amazed and in awe. You kept saying "pop" and "loud" but you didn't act scared.
-You aren't sleeping very good since we moved to Ohio so we are thinking that we might try to get you and Amelia to sleep in the same room.
-You ask to go to the farm almost love animals!
-Your favorite shows to watch are the Doodlebops, Mother Goose Club and Barney. You usually watch them on YouTube.

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