Monday, July 27, 2015

Cleveland's Botanical Gardens

The Cleveland Clinic gives a lot of money to the spouses organization and last night was the welcome dinner. They rented out the Cleveland Botanical Gardens and provided dinner and drinks for the evening. There were tons of families that nice to be with others in similar situations!
We ate dinner with some friends and then we started exploring the gardens. The garden is featuring tree houses right now so it was fun to walk through and search for the tree houses throughout the garden property. 
We were even able to snap a family picture by one of the water fountains. We're working on smiling but at least we were all looking at the camera.
They had an area where the kids could explore certain outdoors. My kids were drawn to the zipline and they LOVED it.
We had such a fun evening exploring the gardens with other residents and fellows that are practicing at the Cleveland Clinic.

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Laura Darling said...

What a gorgeous place to spend the day! Glad you had a fun time!