Thursday, July 23, 2015

Life Lately

Life has been moving right along. We've been in Ohio for two months and the weeks seem to be flying by. Here are some pictures of our life lately...
*We made homemade bird feeders (pine cones rolled in peanut butter and bird seed) and they were a major hit with the kiddos. We noticed that our bird feeders were disappearing and one morning, we caught one of the culprits.
*The kids came downstairs one weekend around 5am and ended up falling back asleep. I had to get a picture of all of us squished into our bed. Notice..Barrett's hand is in my hair. He loves hair!
*We love having our cousins so close...we try to get together weekly and have a play date.
*These two kiddos love the park, especially the park with the train that goes through the main courtyard.
*We took the kids to see the movie, Minions, and they did so good. It was Barrett's first movie at the theater and he did so good! The movie wasn't as good as the first two movies but the popcorn made up for it.
*We finally went to visit Preston's Hope playground. It was so nice, so big and we had a great time. Thank goodness that my mom went with me because the kids were running all over that playground and they were rarely together. HA
*The splash park is visited frequently...multiple times a week. It's right around the corner from our house (we can walk there) and we have summer passes. The kids really love it and it's a great way to get them ready for nap or bed!
*Amelia loves Star Wars--I know I've talked about it before. I was at a consignment shop one day and found a Darth Vadar costume. It was a little bit too big but she was determined to put it on and show her Daddy when he came home from work.
*We are slowly getting into a routine, the kids are doing better with allowing Nannie to help and we're juggling things a little bit better.
*Jason takes his boards on Tuesday...excited for him and I know he is going to do great!!

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