Monday, July 13, 2015

More Summer Memories

We live within walking distance to the splash park so we visit there frequently. I usually can't get Amelia to stop long enough for a picture so when she agreed, I took her up on it. Barrett loves the little splash animals that are around the park.
It has been monsoon season in Cleveland this summer. No seriously. The news can't stop talking about how much rain we are getting this summer. As a result of rain, we do a lot of crafts.
We get a lot of deer that visit our yard. I know I've talked about them before and how we have named them but one day last week, there were three baby fawns that hung around for about an hour. They were so much fun to watch.
Barrett was just kicked back one evening watching some music videos on our phone and he looked so cute and relaxed.
We LOVE the zoo and we visit it all the time. Each time we go, we try to explore a new place and to watch a new show. So thankful that we have a yearly pass!
Amelia asked to ride the camel during our last trip--our girl has no fear!

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