Saturday, July 4, 2015


Here are a few things that we've been up to lately. Making memories with my little family!
  • We went to Lake Farm Park to explore the farm and to ride a pony. My little ones LOVE to ride horses.
  •  Amelia wanted to take her grocery cart to the store so she could help. I was reluctant but then decided to load it up in the car. I'm so glad that we took it because she was so proud and excited to help.
  • We love to craft--we've been doing a lot of painting on the front porch lately. Both of my kids love to be creative.
  • Barrett loves to mow the grass. Anytime he hears a mower, he wants to get his mower out in the front yard. He's such a good helper :)
  • Amelia has been asking to go to school so we went and spent some time at a preschool last week. She enjoyed it so much that we aren't waiting for the school year to start--we are staring during the summer school session.
  • We have deer in our yard all the time. We've seen multiple does, a buck in velvet and two babies with spots. The babies are our favorite...they are so tiny and they hop around. Adorable.
  • Muzzy was being sweet on Jason the other day at our cookout.
  • We took the kids to the pool, instead of the splash park. We had to watch them a little more close but they had such a great time. My kids love the water...they are little fish. How awesome is our pool? It's only for residents in our city so it's not overcrowded.
  • We still love the park. Barrett loves to swing and Amelia loves the fast slides!

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