Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend At The Lake

Since Jason had to study all day on Saturday, he wanted to get out of the house on Sunday. Our friends, Frank and Jess, just bought a boat so we headed to the lake so spend the day on the boat.
It was a great day to be on the was such a beautiful day!
Amelia and Barrett were the first two to ride on the tube. No fear from our Conway kids--they loved riding the tube!
We spent four hours out on the water--we rode the tube, water surfed, wake boarded and then took a ride around the lake. We loved being out on the water with our friends and the kids loved just being out on the water.
We left the lake exhausted and ready for bed--the water and the sun took it out of us!!
So thankful for fun weekends with the's the refreshing boost of energy that we ALL need to start the next week. I love that we got to experience all the "firsts" with Amelia and Barrett. They had their first boat ride and their first ride on a tube and they LOVED it.
Excited to spend more weekends at the lake with our little family!!

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