Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Barrett: 23 Months

-You got to visit with your grandparents from CA this month. You loved having some extra people to love and dote on you.
-You are wearing 18-24 month pants, 2T shirts and size 7-8 shoe. 
-Your favorite, most requested snack is bananas.
-Your vocabulary is pretty good for your age. You can and will say just about anything. "I'm Sorry" is probably one of your most used phrases.
-You still struggle with the nursery at church. You scream and cry until I have to come pick you up.
-You love your cousins-you call them your "fwiends"
-You love watching Despicable Me, the Doodlebops and Toy Story
-We've started planning your birthday party..can't believe you're going to be two
-You enjoy looking through old pictures and identifying your family (mommy, daddy, sissy and bear)
-You can almost always be found with a ball in your hand.
-You can work any iPhone, open it and put in the password.
-You still don't like much meat. Hotdogs is about the only meat we can get you to eat.
-You love your puppies and take them for a walk everyday with Nannie.
-Your smile lights up any room that you walk into
-You have enough energy for 10 little kids. Constantly running, jumping and skipping. 

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