Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Festivals, Fairs And Feeding Animals

This summer has brought a lot of fun activities for the kiddos--thank goodness for cousins that want to do fun things with us!!
One day we went to the Summit County Fair with Heather, Jack and Wes. Amelia and Barrett love riding rides and spending time with their "fwiends" so it was a win-win!
Unfortunately, Barrett wasn't old enough to ride most of the rides so he had to watch from the sidelines. He got to do a few (we snuck him on) plus he got to ride the pony so he was okay.
The roller coaster was Amelia's favorite. She was determined to ride in the front car AND raise her hands.
The tiny ferris wheel was one that we put him on...he thought he was big stuff to be with his big sister and older cousin.
The sign of a succesful trip to the fair...he crashed on the way to the car.
Such a fun day with the kiddos. I'm so thankful to be making these special memories with the kids and their cousins.
The zoo was another trip that we recently took. We love the zoo and exploring the different areas and seeing the different animals.
The giraffe experience was open so we got to see them up and close--the kids even got to feed them a lettuce leaf. They were both a little leery of their big purple tongues but it was so neat to be up so close to them.
Our church had a family-friendly festival for the community and we had to go and see all the fun activities that we've been hearing about each week.
They had five blow up bounce houses, slides and tunnels; games; free food; music; tons of candy.

We finished out the evening with a balloon character (dog for Barrett and flower for Amelia) and a Tootsie Pop.
We had three fun events this past week. I think our kids could get used to weekly trips to the fair and all the fun rides/bounce houses.
Loved seeing all the smiles and hearing all the laughs at these fun outings!

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