Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Grandpa and Grandma Visit OH: Part One

Grandpa and Grandma from California came to visit the Pennsylvania family. They arrived on Saturday but because we were at the wedding, we didn't get to see them until Sunday. Sunday we had a BBQ cookout with the family-complete with a bounce house and a sand table.
The kids play so well together--the three older ones are within 6 months of each other and the three little ones are within 8 months of each other.
We broke out the water balloons. Have you seen these water balloons? You can fill up 40 balloons at once and when they are full, they self close and they are ready to be thrown. Genius!!
We tried to get a group picture but this is the best that we could get. HAHA. Maybe next time we will try again!
Sunday was a fun-filled family day so Monday we decided to change it up and go to the zoo. The kids loved showing off "their zoo" to their grandparents.
Barrett decided that he wanted to ride the camel with Amelia so we took full advantage of his eagerness!
We explored one side of the zoo and headed home before the kids got overly exhausted. Two tired kids isn't fun for anyone. HA.
We came home that evening to some rain clouds so we put on our rain boots and jackets and splashed into the rain puddles.
We finished out the night with the air up mattress in the our living room and Star Wars on the TV. Tuesday was another vacation day so we wanted to make the most out of our day (and night) with the kids.
Stay tuned for more fun from the rest of the week. Part two is coming up!

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