Saturday, August 15, 2015

Grandpa and Grandma Visit OH: Part Three

Last night we went to a minor league baseball game, the Lake County Captains. Classic Park Is North by Lake Erie and it was a great night for a baseball game.
Our tickets were right on the third base line and we got to use the dugout like a table for our drinks. The kids loved being so close and watching the players.
The game started at 7pm so we made it to the fourth inning (about 9pm) before we decided to head home.
The game was so interactive and we really enjoyed supporting our home team.
The spray park was another place that we visited with Grandpa and Grandma. The kids love the splash park so we knew that we had to take them there.
The water was pretty cold but the kids didn't let that stop them. They were showing off on all the cool slides.
Last night was their final night in Ohio. We had a BBQ at our house and then they headed to the hotel when it got dark. We managed to snap a few pictures of their departure...we are really going to miss having them around!
Waving goodbye to Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Tim. It was pretty sweet to watch them wave and yell "I love you" as they drove away.
We had such a fun week with the California grandparents. We'll have to set up another visit so we can start the countdown until we see them again.

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