Thursday, August 13, 2015

Grandpa and Grandma Visit OH: Part Two

The next day we headed to Chagrin Falls. We have visited the cute little town before and thought that they would love to see the quaint and quiet little town that has a waterfall going through the middle of it.
The falls were so clear (last time we visited it was dirty from all the rain) and dry (we haven't had rain in a while) so we were able to get up and close to the falls.
We walked down on the rocks to get a closer view. The kids thought it was so neat, until they actually had to walk down the rocky stairs. Luckily for them...they had two guys that volunteered to carry them down.
Once we left the falls, we went to Amelia's swim lessons. She loved having so many eyes watching her during her lessons. She really enjoys her lessons...such a little fish!
Once we finished with Amelia's lessons, we headed to lunch. We took the family to "Melt", which is a Cleveland based restaurant that has a ton of different grilled cheese variations.
We each got a different sandwich and then we passed them around so we could sample all the different options.
We spent the rest of the day at the park (trying to stay awake after that huge meal) and watching a movie. Dinner was low-key at the house and the kids decorated an ice cream cake for everyone.
They thought they were big stuff!
We had to get back to reality on Wednesday--Jason was on call, I had to go back to work and Chip and Sue had to go to PA to visit family. We were able to meet everyone for dinner (minus Jason) and play at the park. We love spending time with our family so we have to enjoy them throughout the week, regardless of what is going on.
Part three, the last and final part, is coming up!

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