Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Heinselman Wedding

This weekend we traveled to Youngstown, Ohio for a very special wedding for our friends,  Frank and Jessica. Frank went to medical school with Jason and has been a great friend since we met 8 years ago. We love spending weekends at the lake with Frank and Jess and they are great friends to have so close during our stay in Ohio.
We booked a hotel room for Saturday, the day of the wedding, and pleaded for an early check-in.
They sympathized with us and our two small kids that would need to get ready so it made the process a little bit easier.
The wedding was at The Lake Club and the view was amazing. They got married overlooking the lake and one of the golfing greens. I was able to snap a few pictures of the men and the wedding. The kids and myself stood off to the side so we weren't distracting.
We were able to snap a few pictures of our family all dressed up on the golf course.
We also got to spend the weekend with our besties, Alissa and Andy. They made the drive from Michigan to be at the wedding and we were so excited to spend some time with them!!
The reception was upstairs at the Lake Club so we didn't have to go far to get to the reception. Barrett was such a little trooper...thank goodness for some yummy appetizers and the DVD player with his favorite movie.
Once we ate dinner, then the festivities started. We loved to play in the photo booth and the dancing music! 
The kids lasted at the wedding until 8/8:30pm and then they headed back to the hotel with Nannie. Jason and myself stayed out a little longer to celebrate with the bride and groom.
We finished out the night with some Taco Bell and a few hours of laughter with Andy and Alissa before we called it a night. We had such a fun night celebrating with the kids and the adults that we didn't really want the night to end (other than the fact that my heels destroyed my toes).
Congratulations Frank and Jess!!

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