Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lake Day

Being so close to Lake Milton, has resulted in a few trips to the lake for some wake boarding, wake surfing and some swimming. Amelia and Barrett love the water--it's hard to drag them out most days that we go.
One day last week, Jason got off before it was dark outside so we made the drive to the lake. Barrett was sleeping so we headed out with just Amelia.
Usually Amelia rides the tube and jumps off the boat but this time she decided to try something new..with the persuasion of her dad.
She went wake surfing and she loved it! Jason would hold on to the board and the rope and then Amelia would stand up. Her smile was contagious and so big that it could have been seen on the other side of the lake.
I mean...come on. How cute is this?! 
Doesn't get much sweeter than this! 
Lake days are so much fun with our little family. I love seeing them try new things and go on new adventures.

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