Monday, August 31, 2015

Last August Weekend

This weekend we headed to the town square to listen to a live band and get some yummy ice cream. The band that played was called "Cats on Holiday" and they were a group of middle aged men that knew how to get the crowed involved.
My little ones heard the beats and they couldn't help but dance around!
We took a short dancing break to go and get some ice cream. I love how Barrett is looking over his ice cream to find the good stuff...HA!
We woke up early and hit one of the nearby walking trails. We've taken walks from the time that the kids were born so being outside early in the morning, is good for our souls.
Saturday afternoon was spent at the splash park. We love the splash park and we'll be pretty sad when it closes for the winter.
Saturday evening it rained so we stayed inside and enjoyed some puppy love. I know I've said it before but Barrett and Bazzle are the best little buddies. Case in point!
Sunday we went to church and then spent the day with our cousins, Jack and Wes. We had lunch at the house and then we went to a bounce house called Zero Gravity. It's got a space theme and the little ones loved it!!
I didn't get many pictures of the kids playing because it was dark but they loved it! They love being so close to their cousins...they love having built-in buddies!
We finished out the weekend with some biking adventures and staying outside until it was time for bed. We wanted to make the most of the warm weather and our time before the work week!! 

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