Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekened Recap

This weekend we tried out a few new things. Beechwood is a nearby city that has some really nice parks and libraries. We tried out a new playground and we had a picnic.
The playground had a fun section that was full of obstacles so we pretended to be on American Ninja Warrior. Amelia completed all the obstacles and was so proud! Barrett was in the swing--he gravitates to the swing almost instantly.
We came home for a nap and then we got back out that evening. Jason was on call and we all seem to be a little lost without him so we tend to keep ourselves pretty busy.
We spent the evening playing putt-putt golf. We went to nearby town to a little course called "Treasure Island." It was our first time playing with the kids and they loved it. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Barrett hitting the ball for the first time because he got a hole-in-one.
We finished and enjoyed some dinner and treats at the little diner right beside the putt-putt. We shared some dinner so we would have room for dessert. Dairy Island, the little diner, specializes in fun desserts.
The kids were in heaven! I wish the picture wasn't so dark but they were covered in ice cream and smiles!
The kids were both asleep before they made it home--such a fun day!
Sunday we headed to church and then went to the pool with some friends. It was a much more relaxed day that Saturday---we had to prepare for the week ahead. Work, school and house chores took a precedence. Excited for the week ahead and thankful for fun memories with the little ones.

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