Friday, September 11, 2015

A Day In The Life

4:30am-Jason's alarm clock goes off
4:40am-Jason's snooze goes off and he gets out of bed. 
5:14am-Barrett wanders to the basement to snuggle before really waking up for the day. Notice his hand in my hair. Our little guy is obsessed with hair and when he sleeps, he wants it wrapped around every finger.
5:40am-Amelia wanders to the basement to sleep a little bit longer before waking up for the day.
7:08am-I sneak out of bed and head upstairs to straighten up a little before the kids wake up. I turn on my computer, log on to my work email and head to the bathroom.
7:09am-The kids are walking up the stairs, yelling my name. They are in such good little moods! I didn't even make it out of the bathroom before they walk in.
7:20am-Open the widows, make breakfast (bagels and fruit), start some laundry and respond to a few work emails.
8:00am-The kids and mom take the pups for a walk and I start T25-Ab Intervals.
8:25am-Get a text from mom saying to walk down the road to a yard sale.
8:30am-Head out of the house as I make a work call.
9:15am-Leave the yard sale with two vintage suitcases, an old doll bed, a Spongebob plate and cup, some Thanksgiving decorations and some frames. I have my eye on a few more things but I'll wait until Sunday to see if they are still there--might get a better price!
9:15am-11:40am-I do work emails and phone calls while the kids play. Amelia was in her room playing with her dolls and her new doll bed and Barrett was reading his library books and stealing iPhones so he could watch Netflix.
11:40am-Head out the door for swim lessons.
11:50am-Arrive at swim school and take Barrett's shirt and shoes off before walking him to his class in lane 5.
12:00pm-Barrett's class starts and he isn't happy about staying without mommy. We have to hide in the corner so he doesn't freak out. While we are in the corner, I fix Amelia's hair and get her ready for her lessons.
12:30pm-Amelia's swim class started. I walked her to lane 4 and she couldn't wait to get started. She loves her class and she is thriving. We take 100s of pictures during that the two swim's pathetic. Barrett's class finished and he wanted to show me how he could kick with no tears.
1:00pm-We head home with two sleepy and hungry kiddos. We stop at Chipotle on the way home so we can have a "fast" lunch, which ended up taking entirely too long because the lines are always out the door. Probably not the best idea to stop for lunch and learn, right?
1:40pm-Finally made it home with one very hungry little girl and a sleepy little boy.
1:45pm-I get back on my work emails while I eat...multi-tasking at its finest.
3:35pm-Heather texts me and says that they are coming up for dinner and some play time with the kiddos. They have been in Disney and we've missed them! 
3:40pm-Big Daddy, Flower and a baby deer wander into our backyard and attack our bird feeder. We watched them for 15 minutes and took too many videos and pictures. 
4:00pm-Jason surprises us! He got off early and the kids are excited to see him before bedtime.
4:12pm-Jason warms up some leftovers he found from the back of the fridge and we sit down and look at the pictures of the deer. He was pretty upset that he had just missed all the action.
4:34pm-Matt, Heather and the kids arrive. I log off of my work and we run to their car to give hugs.

4:40pm-It starts raining and the kids decide that they want to go and play in the rain. They all take out--squeals and laughter filled the air. Jason and Matt run to the grocery store to get some food for the evening.
5:15pm-The kids change clothes and decide that they've had enough of the rain.
5:30pm-Jason and Matt return and we start cooking the pizza. The kids (and adults) couldn't really wait for the pizza so we snacked on chips and dip.
6:00pm-Dinner was ready so we ate and then enjoyed some ice cream for dessert.
6:20pm-8:30pm-The kids played and the adults talked--a relaxing night for all involved!
8:30pm-Matt, Heather and the kids left and we straightened up the house, did dishes and switch out the laundry from earlier in the day (opps)
8:50pm-Put the kids in a bath and they were in bed immediately after they got dressed.
9:15pm-We were in bed, watching Fixer Upper and I'm not sure what time we went to bed but I know that I didn't get to the end of the 30 minute show.

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