Saturday, September 19, 2015

Barrett: 24 Month Update

Dear Barrett, 
How in the world did you turn two years old?! 
It seems like we were just rocking you to sleep and cuddling you while you ate and now you are bouncing around like a big boy. 
You are a really good communicator--you will say just about anything but trying to figure out what you said is the trick. 
You love everyone in the family but Amelia and Bazzle are the top in your book. Kisses and hugs are given frequently!
You are the sweetest, most opinionated little man. 
We love you to the moon and back
Mommy and Daddy

Here are your two year statistics and highlights:
Weight: 31 pounds, 4 ounces (83%)
Height: 92.7 cm (91%)
Head Circumference: 48.5 cm (48%)
Clothing Size: You are pretty much wearing 24 month clothing--some clothes (jeans), you are 18 month and some (shirts), you are wearing 2T.
Diapers: Size 5 Huggies
Feeding: You still aren't fond of meat but you'll eat just about anything else. Fruit is your favorite, especially bananas. You love to dip your food in ketchup and ranch and you want to eat Messes are made constantly when it is time to eat. You've started requesting certain snacks or meals, which is funny.
Sleep:You typically go to sleep around 8pm...this summer had some later nights, but it was 8pm for the most part. You sleep in your crib, in your own room, until about 6am. You'll then either come downstairs and lay with mommy (we call it snuggling) or you'll lay with Nannie until 7-7:30am.
You still take daily naps. Most of the time, you nap from 12:30-3pm and you'll almost always nap as soon as you get in a moving car.
-Loves finding pockets on his clothes and filling them with acorns
-You usually shorten multiple syllabi words to one is piz, minion is men, etc.
-You are extremely independent. You want to do everything by yourself or at least try to do it.
-You love your sister and you want to be included in the bigger things that she gets to do.
-You started swim lessons and you fell in love on your third visit.
- You are a Mama's boy but you love to wrestle your daddy each night when he gets home.
-You love to help out. You'll get your stool and help turn lights off, cook in the kitchen, throw dirty clothes in the washer and anything else that you think you should be doing.
-Balls, trucks and Buzz Lightyear are your favorite toys.
-You have a bit of a temper. We're trying to break you of hitting and pulling hair but nothing really seems to work right now. Consistency is key.

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