Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Eddy's Apple Farm

Tuesday morning, Amelia had her first field trip with school.
The school went to Eddy's Farm to pick some apples and to take a tour of all the produce and the production of the produce.
Barrett tagged along and I think that she enjoyed having him there to show off to all of her friends.

Our first stop along the tour with Mr. Eddy was the vineyard. The grapes that they grow are Concord grapes and he sells them to Welch's. I've never had a Concord grape before but they have a hard outer casing and a slimy inside with seeds. They taste identical to the grape juice and Mr. Eddy says to just swallow the little bit of slimy flesh and to spit out the casing. It was cute to watch the kids eat the grapes. Barrett was in LOVE with them!
Once we left the vineyard, we headed to the apple orchard part of the farm.
He took us to the Early Jonathon apples--told us that it takes 4-5 years for an apple tree to produce and then he showed us how to properly pick, polish and eat an apple. 
Here are the kids picking, polishing and eating their apples.
We even picked enough apples to make a homemade apple pie. The kids couldn't hardly contain themselves when we told them to fill up our apple bag with apples. We had such a fun time exploring the local farm and tasting some of their yummy goodies. It's amazing how so many apples can come from one tree!

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