Monday, September 14, 2015

Exploring The Zoo

Sunday after church, we headed to the zoo with our favorite Cleveland cousins!  It was grandparents day and we wanted to take full advantage of the free admission and the cool weather.
We got a lot of fun, free stuff...Amelia was particularly fond of the cat mask.
Our first stop was the giraffe exhibit where we fed the giraffe a big 'ole lettuce leaf. Barrett was scared so I got his leaf but Amelia was brave and she gave the big guy his breakfast.
This is the only picture I have of all four of them. Once they saw that I was sneaking a picture, they scattered like leaves in the wind.
These four are becoming the best of friends. I love capturing candid pictures of them together!
The little boys wanted to stand on the fence like the bigger kids. I love how they try to mimic their behavior (well, most of the time). HA!
We spent six hours walking through the zoo and by the end, everyone (parents included) were exhausted.
We had a super fun, jam-packed day!!

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