Friday, September 4, 2015

Life Lately

Looking back on this last week, I realized that we had a lot going on but that I didn't take very many pictures.
-The weather took a turn back towards summer on Monday and we had days in the mid to high 80s all week. Our air conditioner had to come back on...bummer. We have used the sprinkler as much as possible (the splash park and the pool have limited hours this week before closing down for the winter)
-Amelia loves going to school. This week's project was to bring a bag with four things in it that would describe her personality. She took: a Cinderella dress up gown (she loves to dress up), a horse (she loves to ride horses), a string of beads (she loves to craft) and a dive stick (she loves to swim).
She is so proud walking into her building and her classroom.

-Jason was on call on Monday so we were having a lazy evening when Muzzy started having a seizure. He has seizures a lot but this time it lasted for almost an hour. I couldn't stand to see him suffer so I took him to the emergency clinic.
Turns out, he needed an IV and a load of a drug to help him regulate his hormones. Poor little guy. We got a new medicine for him that he will need to take 3 times a day and hopefully that will help. Needless to say, my Monday evening was spent in the waiting room with a phone that had less than 8% battery life. Thankful that my mom kept the kids at the house so they didn't have to sit there and wait.

-We went and got party supplies for Barrett's birthday party. The store was running a 50% off special so we were able to snag some cute things for his party. His birthday is all about balls so owe got some cute polka dot decorations. His cake was also ordered so we are almost ready for the big day.
-We spent an afternoon with our cousins. They are going to Disney World at the end of the week so we needed to have a night of fun before the left. We had fajitas for dinner and we played until we couldn't play anymore. We love our time with them!

-I had a mid-day dessert break with a blog friend, turned in-person friend. Jamie has had a series of health problems and they brought her to Cleveland. Since we were in the same town, we knew we had to get together. We met at Cheesecake Factory and talked for a few hours. It was so good to see her and hug her neck!

-Swim lessons and summer colds for both little ones.We've gone through too many boxes of Kleenex this week. Hoping that it clears up soon!

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