Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lyndhurst Home Days

The area around where we live has a lot to offer for families, especially families with little ones.
Last weekend was Lyndhurst Home Days, which is a small carnival in one of the parks. The weather was so rainy during two of the days but on the last day, the rain took a little bit of a break and we headed to Home Days!
We didn't know how long the rain would stop so we initially bough tickets. We went through those entirely way too fast so we upgraded to wrist bands! I love how Barrett looks so eager with his tickets! He was so excited to ride that train!
We also rode a berry ride that spins around. Barrett was just under the height requirement so I had to ride along. He enjoyed it, I promise. Amelia is quite the little adrenaline junkie so she had the biggest grin on her face the entire evening.
Amelia also rode the coaster and due to her missing the height requirement for the scrambler, I got roped in to that ride too! I'm too old to be on the spinning rides...UGH!

They also went through the crazy house, raced down the slide and enjoyed some nachos and bbq!
The carnival was the perfect ending to our Sunday. The kids ran all through the exhibits, danced to the live band and visited way too many tents for free giveaways.
So thankful that we got to see this side of the area and that the rain decided to stop for a bit!

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