Friday, September 4, 2015

Swim Lessons (Day One) With Barrett

Amelia started swim lessons in July and every week, Barrett always asks to swim. I kept putting it off because I thought it was just a "thing" but he didn't stop asking so we signed him up to start swim lessons. His first lesson was today and he was so excited but fell asleep on the way to his class so I was nervous how he would do.
Barrett's teacher is Ms. Holly and she is known at the school for being great with the smaller aged kids so I knew he was in great hands when I left him in lane 5 for his lesson.
He seemed to enjoy the first five minutes and then he realized that I would not be getting in the pool and I would be in the other room, watching from behind the glass and he freaked out. The rest of the class was Barrett screaming and kicking. They had a helper come over so he could stay in the water but it was pretty rough watching him freak out.
They assured me that most kids his age scream and panic the first 3-5 lessons...he just needs a little time. I hope they are right!
At the end of the 30 minute lesson, Barrett got a ribbon for his strong kicks and his great lungs. HA! Excited to see how far my boy can come in his swimming technique over the next 10 months in Ohio! 

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