Monday, October 26, 2015


*We took our family pictures for this year at one of the Metroparks. The leaves are beautiful so I think we got some good ones. Can't wait to see them!
*Boo at the Zoo was on our agenda this past weekend. It was crazy but we had a lot of fun walking through the zoo and looking at all the costumes.

*Our library, the cool castle looking one, recently shut down so they could make it into a historical building and they built a really nice new one a few blocks down the road. Two weekends ago was the grand opening and we had to go and explore all the new things! The children's section is awesome and so much easier for the kids to dig through and find books. We came home with a whole bag of books and movies.
*Amelia is really into Cinderella right now so when Jason gets home, she gets dressed in the complete outfit and requests to dance around the living room. Her "glass" slippers are a little big so it's difficult for her to walk but she's determined to have the entire look...typical girl.
*One of the springs on our garage door broke the other day. It sounded like someone ran their car through our garage door. Loud and startling! Thankfully our landlord was able to get it fixed a few days after but we realized how much we value a working garage door.  
*Barrett takes care of his baby, especially when Amelia totes on her babies. His favorite baby is Cho, which was also Amelia's favorite when she was younger. Cho got to enjoy the climbing wall with him the other day when we went to the park. HA! I know there are different views on little boys playing with babies but I love to see him being sweet with his baby. He's going to be a good daddy!
* Amelia is working through the letters of the alphabet at school. Each week she has to take something in to show-and-tell that begins with the letter of the week. So far she has taken Ariel, a backpack and a crown. Next week is "D" and we've already started working on finding something.
*Amelia dressed herself before swim lessons last week. Notice the "glass" slippers with a pair of orange socks.

*Jason is working nights all this week in the ICU. Definitely one of the worst rotations ever (the ICU is brutal on the staff) but once he completes these five days, then he will get five days off. Counting down the days until he is off and can catch up on his sleep.
*I'm going to a barre class this week, thanks to the clinic's spouses group. I've heard great things about it but I'm a little nervous because I don't know what to expect. Hopefully I don't get hooked because it's pretty expensive!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween Hayride

This past weekend we had a Halloween hayride at the Farmpark. We went with our cousins (surprise, surprise) and we had a blast. The warm weather blew out and the cold weather came in with force. We bundled up for the snow and the sleet that was in the forecast.
We were on the second wagon to head out and the kids were so excited. I wasn't able to get any pictures on the hayride because I needed to hold on to a timid little boy that was uneasy with all the different characters hiding in the woods.
After the hay ride, there were a lot of fun characters throughout the grounds. Our favorites were Spongebob and Toy Story.
We watched a performance by the glow stick dancers. They danced to different songs in a dark tent and the only thing that can be seen is their glow stick "bodies". The kids LOVED this. Barrett asked to watch it was so good.
 We ended the night by eating corn dogs at the hay maze--we were thankful for a little bit of protection from the snow, sleet and rain.
We loved the hayride and I loved watching the kids enjoy a night of fall festivities.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Park Playdate

One day last week, we headed to a nearby pumpkin patch with a little store. We knew that there was a fun playground down the hill so we wanted to explore before heading to get pumpkins and cider.
The kids ran down the hill as fast as they could...Barrett wiped out as soon as I took this picture. Face planted right in the weeds on the right. He dusted it off and started running again. HA. It was so funny (as soon as we knew he wasn't hurt)
The playground was built like a tree, complete with a barrel of apples, a black bear and a tree house.
They loved exploring and I loved snapping pictures of them!
We left the playground when the black clouds rolled in. We barely made it up the hill when the rain started. We hid out in the store, bought some yummy treats and then made a run for it. We loved our impromptu play date!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Party: Conway Style

Last week, we hosted a Halloween party at our house. The kids (and adults) wore their costumes, we had some spooky snacks and had some fun games! 
Amelia dressed up as Cinderella, Barrett was a football player, Jack and Wes were Iron Man and Tyler was a monster.
The scavenger hunt was probably the biggest hit. They loved running through the yard and finding their candy filled pumpkins hidden.
Cousins and Best Friends at the party! Best picture I could get of the four of them...I call it a success!
The party was so much fun! We loved getting dressed up and acting crazy with our family and friends. I'm so very thankful that we have family and friends to share the holidays with...I love watching their relationship grow!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

All About Barrett

Now that you are two years old, you seem like such a big boy. It seems to have happened over night, the fact that you went from a baby to a big boy, and I'm still not adjusting well to the change.
You are the sweetest, yet most opinionated little guy.
You love to snuggle before bed and first thing when you wake up. You usually wake up so happy and energetic...ready for the day.
You usually request a banana before bed. Weird but as soon as you get in the dark room, you make your request. We used to think it was a delay tactic but you eat it so now we are wondering if you truly are hungry. Bananas are your love language!
Speaking of food, you love to eat. You still aren't a big fan of meat but you love your fruits, breads and vegetables.
You love your sissy. You usually say it like you have a lisp "thithy" and it's just the cutest little thing. You'll protect her and hold her hand when you think she needs it the most. You'll usually decline if she asks you for a hug or to hold your hand but when she doesn't ask, you usually reach out for her.
You LOVE swim lessons but you usually tell me that you don't want to go up until you get in the water.
You are a Mama's boy--you usually request Mommy to feed you, buckle you in your seat belt and change your diaper. Sometimes it can be a little over the top but I know one day I'll miss these moments, so I'm enjoying them!
You are overly opinionated over your clothes (they usually need to have a Star Wars, Toy Story or Jake and the Neverland Pirates character).
You have the greatest little smile and your laugh is adorable. It is one of the greatest things!

Love, love, love the little man you are growing into. We need to work on your temper and your manners a bit but you're doing a great job of being a two year old!!  

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hiram House Pumpkin Festival

Today we went to a pumpkin festival that supports a summer camp for kids in the community. We weren't sure what to expect but we LOVED it from the second that we got to the parking lot.
Once we got to the parking lot, they had school buses that took us to the camp. There wasn't room for all the cars at the camp so we got to use the nearby school parking lot.
The camp was from 10a-5p and we got there right when it opened so we could be sure to take advantage of all the stuff! 
We bough wrist bands so the kids could participate in all the fun activities that were offered. Our first stop was the face painting station. Amelia got a kitty cat face!
The festival spanned the whole camp ground so we got a really pretty walk to and from each of the different stations. We loved to walk through the reminded us of our time back in Missouri.
Once we left the face painting, we headed straight to the petting farm and the pony rides. The kids had been asking for the pony rides so we knew we wanted to take advantage of the pony rides before it got busy.
We attempted a family picture. HA!
One day maybe all four of us will look at the camera. Hopefully that day is in two weeks when we take our family pictures.
We painted pumpkins, made a candle via candle dipping and made a tie-dye napkin. The kids loved all the fun activities, especially when they knew that we would be bringing all the fun things home.
We grabbed some lunch before we headed home--fire cooked hotdogs!!
We loved spending so much time outside today...the weather was perfect and we enjoyed all the fall festivities.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Life lately has been pretty hectic and busy. We've had a lot of appointments and we're busy marking things off our to-do-list.
Amelia and Barrett had their 6 month dentist appointment. This was Amelia's second visit and Barrett's first visit. They received great news on their brushing skills! Amelia was so good and Barrett needed a little help to let the doctor look in his mouth (hence the only picture I have is of Amelia)
The days have been a little cooler so we're trying to enjoy the season as much as possible, especially before the snow arrives. Barrett loves the climbing wall and his football hat that he got for his birthday. He looks like such a big boy in a hat!
The deer are everywhere in our little neighborhood. The bucks have arrived and they are so much fun to watch. We were able to get a picture of a mama deer and her three babies the other morning after dropping Amelia off at school.
The kids have been playing really well together, like really well. Amelia loves to read to her brother and he loves to be read to so it's a win-win.
Swim lessons are still a major hit with both the kids. Barrett is no longer crying and is doing so well at listening to the direction of his instructors.
Amelia needs to master going from a front float to a back float and she will be ready to move up. She has no fear doing what her teacher asks of her and I love watching her confidence grow.
Nap times, where everyone naps, are few and far between. I was working on the couch when Amelia (and the pups) decided to nap. The house was silent for two hours and it was glorious.
We found a super yummy Mexican restaurant and the kids were being super sweet while we waited for our food. Barrett wanted to sit by sissy and she wanted to shower him with kisses.
Teamwork with the "sumbrella". Amelia insisted that she wear pearls with her favorite dress to dinner. Love her spunky personality and how it comes out in her clothing choices. HA
We have been addicted to watching Wreck it Ralph, Sophia the First, riding our bicycles on the sidewalk and all things that involve pumpkins and fall.
We have a pumpkin festival tomorrow and a Halloween party next week...excited to enjoy them with the family!