Wednesday, October 14, 2015

All About Barrett

Now that you are two years old, you seem like such a big boy. It seems to have happened over night, the fact that you went from a baby to a big boy, and I'm still not adjusting well to the change.
You are the sweetest, yet most opinionated little guy.
You love to snuggle before bed and first thing when you wake up. You usually wake up so happy and energetic...ready for the day.
You usually request a banana before bed. Weird but as soon as you get in the dark room, you make your request. We used to think it was a delay tactic but you eat it so now we are wondering if you truly are hungry. Bananas are your love language!
Speaking of food, you love to eat. You still aren't a big fan of meat but you love your fruits, breads and vegetables.
You love your sissy. You usually say it like you have a lisp "thithy" and it's just the cutest little thing. You'll protect her and hold her hand when you think she needs it the most. You'll usually decline if she asks you for a hug or to hold your hand but when she doesn't ask, you usually reach out for her.
You LOVE swim lessons but you usually tell me that you don't want to go up until you get in the water.
You are a Mama's boy--you usually request Mommy to feed you, buckle you in your seat belt and change your diaper. Sometimes it can be a little over the top but I know one day I'll miss these moments, so I'm enjoying them!
You are overly opinionated over your clothes (they usually need to have a Star Wars, Toy Story or Jake and the Neverland Pirates character).
You have the greatest little smile and your laugh is adorable. It is one of the greatest things!

Love, love, love the little man you are growing into. We need to work on your temper and your manners a bit but you're doing a great job of being a two year old!!  

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