Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Halloween Hayride

This past weekend we had a Halloween hayride at the Farmpark. We went with our cousins (surprise, surprise) and we had a blast. The warm weather blew out and the cold weather came in with force. We bundled up for the snow and the sleet that was in the forecast.
We were on the second wagon to head out and the kids were so excited. I wasn't able to get any pictures on the hayride because I needed to hold on to a timid little boy that was uneasy with all the different characters hiding in the woods.
After the hay ride, there were a lot of fun characters throughout the grounds. Our favorites were Spongebob and Toy Story.
We watched a performance by the glow stick dancers. They danced to different songs in a dark tent and the only thing that can be seen is their glow stick "bodies". The kids LOVED this. Barrett asked to watch it was so good.
 We ended the night by eating corn dogs at the hay maze--we were thankful for a little bit of protection from the snow, sleet and rain.
We loved the hayride and I loved watching the kids enjoy a night of fall festivities.

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