Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hiram House Pumpkin Festival

Today we went to a pumpkin festival that supports a summer camp for kids in the community. We weren't sure what to expect but we LOVED it from the second that we got to the parking lot.
Once we got to the parking lot, they had school buses that took us to the camp. There wasn't room for all the cars at the camp so we got to use the nearby school parking lot.
The camp was from 10a-5p and we got there right when it opened so we could be sure to take advantage of all the stuff! 
We bough wrist bands so the kids could participate in all the fun activities that were offered. Our first stop was the face painting station. Amelia got a kitty cat face!
The festival spanned the whole camp ground so we got a really pretty walk to and from each of the different stations. We loved to walk through the reminded us of our time back in Missouri.
Once we left the face painting, we headed straight to the petting farm and the pony rides. The kids had been asking for the pony rides so we knew we wanted to take advantage of the pony rides before it got busy.
We attempted a family picture. HA!
One day maybe all four of us will look at the camera. Hopefully that day is in two weeks when we take our family pictures.
We painted pumpkins, made a candle via candle dipping and made a tie-dye napkin. The kids loved all the fun activities, especially when they knew that we would be bringing all the fun things home.
We grabbed some lunch before we headed home--fire cooked hotdogs!!
We loved spending so much time outside today...the weather was perfect and we enjoyed all the fall festivities.

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