Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Park Playdate

One day last week, we headed to a nearby pumpkin patch with a little store. We knew that there was a fun playground down the hill so we wanted to explore before heading to get pumpkins and cider.
The kids ran down the hill as fast as they could...Barrett wiped out as soon as I took this picture. Face planted right in the weeds on the right. He dusted it off and started running again. HA. It was so funny (as soon as we knew he wasn't hurt)
The playground was built like a tree, complete with a barrel of apples, a black bear and a tree house.
They loved exploring and I loved snapping pictures of them!
We left the playground when the black clouds rolled in. We barely made it up the hill when the rain started. We hid out in the store, bought some yummy treats and then made a run for it. We loved our impromptu play date!

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