Saturday, October 10, 2015


Life lately has been pretty hectic and busy. We've had a lot of appointments and we're busy marking things off our to-do-list.
Amelia and Barrett had their 6 month dentist appointment. This was Amelia's second visit and Barrett's first visit. They received great news on their brushing skills! Amelia was so good and Barrett needed a little help to let the doctor look in his mouth (hence the only picture I have is of Amelia)
The days have been a little cooler so we're trying to enjoy the season as much as possible, especially before the snow arrives. Barrett loves the climbing wall and his football hat that he got for his birthday. He looks like such a big boy in a hat!
The deer are everywhere in our little neighborhood. The bucks have arrived and they are so much fun to watch. We were able to get a picture of a mama deer and her three babies the other morning after dropping Amelia off at school.
The kids have been playing really well together, like really well. Amelia loves to read to her brother and he loves to be read to so it's a win-win.
Swim lessons are still a major hit with both the kids. Barrett is no longer crying and is doing so well at listening to the direction of his instructors.
Amelia needs to master going from a front float to a back float and she will be ready to move up. She has no fear doing what her teacher asks of her and I love watching her confidence grow.
Nap times, where everyone naps, are few and far between. I was working on the couch when Amelia (and the pups) decided to nap. The house was silent for two hours and it was glorious.
We found a super yummy Mexican restaurant and the kids were being super sweet while we waited for our food. Barrett wanted to sit by sissy and she wanted to shower him with kisses.
Teamwork with the "sumbrella". Amelia insisted that she wear pearls with her favorite dress to dinner. Love her spunky personality and how it comes out in her clothing choices. HA
We have been addicted to watching Wreck it Ralph, Sophia the First, riding our bicycles on the sidewalk and all things that involve pumpkins and fall.
We have a pumpkin festival tomorrow and a Halloween party next week...excited to enjoy them with the family!

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