Monday, October 26, 2015


*We took our family pictures for this year at one of the Metroparks. The leaves are beautiful so I think we got some good ones. Can't wait to see them!
*Boo at the Zoo was on our agenda this past weekend. It was crazy but we had a lot of fun walking through the zoo and looking at all the costumes.

*Our library, the cool castle looking one, recently shut down so they could make it into a historical building and they built a really nice new one a few blocks down the road. Two weekends ago was the grand opening and we had to go and explore all the new things! The children's section is awesome and so much easier for the kids to dig through and find books. We came home with a whole bag of books and movies.
*Amelia is really into Cinderella right now so when Jason gets home, she gets dressed in the complete outfit and requests to dance around the living room. Her "glass" slippers are a little big so it's difficult for her to walk but she's determined to have the entire look...typical girl.
*One of the springs on our garage door broke the other day. It sounded like someone ran their car through our garage door. Loud and startling! Thankfully our landlord was able to get it fixed a few days after but we realized how much we value a working garage door.  
*Barrett takes care of his baby, especially when Amelia totes on her babies. His favorite baby is Cho, which was also Amelia's favorite when she was younger. Cho got to enjoy the climbing wall with him the other day when we went to the park. HA! I know there are different views on little boys playing with babies but I love to see him being sweet with his baby. He's going to be a good daddy!
* Amelia is working through the letters of the alphabet at school. Each week she has to take something in to show-and-tell that begins with the letter of the week. So far she has taken Ariel, a backpack and a crown. Next week is "D" and we've already started working on finding something.
*Amelia dressed herself before swim lessons last week. Notice the "glass" slippers with a pair of orange socks.

*Jason is working nights all this week in the ICU. Definitely one of the worst rotations ever (the ICU is brutal on the staff) but once he completes these five days, then he will get five days off. Counting down the days until he is off and can catch up on his sleep.
*I'm going to a barre class this week, thanks to the clinic's spouses group. I've heard great things about it but I'm a little nervous because I don't know what to expect. Hopefully I don't get hooked because it's pretty expensive!

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